Who We Are

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Big Bend offers a full line of agricultural packaging services for the Specialty Liquid Plant Nutritional Market. Standard packaging options include: 2 x 2.5 gallon jugs in cardboard cases, 30 and 55 gallon poly drums, and 275 gallon IBC containers. Customized requests for specialized shipping requirements will also be considered.

Big Bend Services began producing and distributing liquid crop nutrients and industrial products in 1979 for customers in the South Georgia and North Florida area. Big Bend’s marketing area has grown over the years and now includes customer partners across the United States, Central and South America and South Korea. 

With over four decades of service, Big Bend knows how to provide the quality products and service that customers value, expect and deserve.

Customers calling Big Bend will be greeted by a real live person rather than an answering machine offering a menu of options. 

Quality products and exceptional service are the hallmarks of Big Bend’s success.

What We Do

Big Bend Services’ focus is to manufacture and distribute liquid products for business partners across the agricultural, industrial, and water treatment space.  

Big Bend’s production and distribution is supported by a full line of services to include packaging, warehousing, terminal services, and transportation. 

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