Agricultural Products

Legacy Products & Custom Formulations

Soil and foliage applied micronutrients and nutritional formulas are the backbone of the Big Bend branded product catalog. Big Bend can make these same options available with a private label. Alternatively, Big Bend can collaborate with partners to develop special formulas for specific needs and differentiation. 

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Soil and foliar applied micronutrients and nutritional products are the backbone of Big Bend’s Legacy Products. These listed products can be Private Labeled for the benefit and convenience of customers. Alternative Custom Formulations can also be formulated and produced. 

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Agricultural Products

Big Bend has over 40 years of experience in producing specialty liquid fertilizer products. During this time, Big Bend has developed a proficiency for producing a broad spectrum of chemistries. As a result, there is a complete catalog of established formulas to choose from. 

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Agricultural Products List

  • Boron Blends
  • Controlled release nitrogen blends
  • Starter micros
  • Citrate micros
  • Amino acid complexed micros
  • Nitrate micros
  • MCDS
  • Lignin sulfonates
  • Phosphites
  • Fertigation blends
  • Reacted NPK formulas
  • Packaging sizes
  • Bulk
  • 250-gal IBC totes
  • 30- and 55-gal plastic drums
  • 2X2.5-gal cases

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