Big Bend Agri-Services, Inc. A History of Growth

  • 1979

    Incorporated by Robert Sellers and Monty Ferrell

    Big Bend Agri-Services began as a grain elevator service assisting Southeast area farmers with their corn, wheat, oats, and soybean crops.

  • 1980

    Expansion into Liquid Nutritionals

    As business diversification and the shrinkage of grain acreage gave way to more cotton, Big Bend Agri-Services expanded into liquid fertilizer production. Big Bend recognized the need for specialized fertility products in row crop, vegetable, ornamental and turf grass production in order to improve crop health, quality and yield.
  • 1987

    Footprint Expansion

    To further expand its footprint throughout the Southeast,  Big Bend leveraged its relationship with Mississippi Chemical to trade barges of fertilizer materials. Big Bend also became a regional distributor for the Arcadian Corporation and Mobile Mining and Minerals. Products distributed to area dealers and farmers included liquid nitrogen, phosphate, ammonium thiosulfate, and specialty liquid nutritional products. This expansion gave way to Big Bend concentrating solely on liquid fertility products and related markets. 

  • 1988

    National Distribution

    Big Bend no longer distributes for Arcadian or Mobil.  New owners decided to enter national distribution, rather than continue regionally.
  • 1993

    Robert Sellers Retires

    Monty Ferrell now sole owner and CEO of Big Bend Agri-Services, Inc.
  • 1995

    Formation of Big Bend Industrial Sales

    Mr. Ferrell enters the Industrial Chemical market and forms Big Bend Industrial Sales as a division of Big Bend Agri-Services.  This expansion and business diversification enabled industrial chemicals to be incorporated into the selection of products that Big Bend would offer to its growing customer base.
  • 1996

    Updated Partnerships

    Big Bend Agri-Services partners with A&A Fertilizer in Abilene, Texas and replaces Mobil as constant supplier of Ammonium Thio-Sulphate west of Mississippi.
  • 2013

    Big Bend Honored

    Big Bend Agri-Services awarded Georgia Manufacturer of the Year.
  • 2013

    Expansion into New Warehouse

    Big Bend expands into 120,000 square foot manufacturing, packaging and storage warehouse. Later in 2013, Big Bend expands into new office area with room to grow
  • 2014

    Certification and Recognition

    Big Bend Agri-Services recognized as the first agricultural entity in Georgia to be Certified by the AAPFCO (Association of American Plant Food Control Officials).
  • 2015

    Manufacturing Venture

    Big Bend begins first venture in the Manufacturing Services sector. Partner owned products are produced at Big Bend facilities utilizing partner equipment, raw materials, and formulas. 

  • 2018

    White Label Services

    Big Bend begins shifting away from Big Bend branded products and more toward white label/private label production of partners' products. This growth comes from arrangements made with a number of multinational companies which have a worldwide footprint.

  • 2020

    Water Technologies

    Big Bend Water Technologies is launched. The Industrial Sales Division spins off this concentrated focus on specialty products and technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of treating cooling towers, industrial process water, municipal drinking water, and wastewater.

  • 2024


    Continued growth in the Services Division where Big Bend’s facilities and expertise are called on to provide custom formulations and private labeled products for business partners. While Big Bend Agri-Services, Inc is still the overall official legal entity—general operation begins as Big Bend Services to incorporate all of the different service facets of the organization.

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