Custom Formulation and

Toll Manufacturing

Custom Formulation

Big Bend’s primary goal is to provide the liquid nutritional and industrial products our customers need to be successful. Collaborative formulation development is at the core of the Big Bend experience. This partnering effort yields products that perform well in the field while providing superior storage and stability characteristics. 

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Big Bend Services has been specializing in formulating and producing liquid chemistries for use in agriculture and industry since 1978.

Four decades of experience has put the Big Bend team quite at home with formulating and manufacturing a host of commodity blends and controlled acid/base reactions.

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Toll Manufacturing

Big Bend Services has specialized in the production of liquid chemistries for use in industry and agriculture since 1978. Four decades of experience has allowed Big Bend to become proficient in formulating and manufacturing a host of blends and controlled acid/base reactions.  In toll manufacturing, the Big Bend team follows and documents the manufacturing protocols prescribed by our business partners in exacting detail. Big Bend maintains a robust inventory of raw materials for use in the manufacturing process. In some instances, customers may wish to provide their own specialty ingredients for blends and reactions. 

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Things We Do

  • Industry standard mixes
  • Custom formulations
  • Product R&D development services
  • Formulation consultation services
  • Liquid agricultural products
  • Liquid industrial products
  • Controlled acid/base reactions
  • Collaborative product development
  • Formulation consultation services
  • Raw ingredient sourcing
  • Packaging, storage, and transportation services

Take advantage of our specialized formulations.