Transportation Services

Liquid Logistics

Big Bend is able to provide stellar delivery services by owning its own fleet of liquid tanker equipment. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver product to our customers with dependable equipment. It is always our goal to make the delivery just as the customer requests: quality products in quality equipment by quality drivers—just the way the customer requests.
Liquid pick up and delivery of non-Big Bend product is also a possibility. Our fleet and drivers are at your disposal.
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Big Bend operates its own private fleet of liquid tankers to offer the greatest amount of service and care for our customers. Big Bend Transportation Services prides itself in being onsite when the customer requests. 

Beige rectangleBig industrial truck filling in the liquidBig transportation truck side view

Delivery equipment options:

  • Insulated single and double compartment HAZMAT 5000-Gallon tanker trailers
  • Drop center double compartment 5000-Gallon fertilizer tanker trailers
  • Drop center double compartment 3200-Gallon 10-wheel fertilizer tank trucks
    • Each individual bulk tank has its own dedicated pump and plumbing to eliminate cross contamination of multiple products.
  • 53 ft climate controlled dry van trailer
  • 24 ft dry box truck on 10-wheel chassis
  • 2200-Gallon Bleach tanker on 10-wheel chassis

Packaging and Warehousing 2

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Take advantage of our comprehensive transportation capabilities.