Turf and Ornamental Products

Big Bend is a long-term supplier of products to the T&O market, having a proven track record with many discriminating customers throughout the T&O spectrum. Big Bend T&O product distribution has grown throughout the United States, Caribbean and South Korea. 

Big Bend end users:

  • High-end golf courses
  • Container grown nurseries
  • Sports turf
  • Arborists
  • Municipal and commercial turf
  • Lawn care operators (LCOs)
  • Pest control companies
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Big Bend has been producing a full line of nutritional products for the T&O market in the Southeast and Eastern United States for decades. The use of these products has grown throughout the entire US, Caribbean, and South Korea.

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Big Bend offers industry standard T&O formulations to meet the needs of our dealers and end users.  The Big Bend catalog of products is available as is or may be tweaked to accommodate the specific needs of our customers. Fully custom formulation services can be provided as well.

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Turf & Ornamental Products List

  • Boron Blends
  • Controlled release nitrogen blends
  • Citrate micros
  • Amino acid complexed micros
  • Nitrate micros
  • MCDS
  • Lignin sulfonates
  • Phosphites
  • Fergitation blends
  • Legacy products
  • Reacted NPK formulas
  • Custom formulations / private labels
  • Custom label design services
  • On-site label printing
  • Nutritional products
  • Soil amendments
  • Packaging sizes
  • Bulk
  • 250-gal IBC totes
  • 30- and 55-gal plastic drums
  • 2X2.5-gal cases

Tap into our special formulations today.